About Us



In 1979 we became the first specialist Koi centre in the North East when we began supplying high grade Japanese Koi to collectors in the area. Since then we have gained huge experience in all aspects of Koi keeping from ponds & filters to parasites & diseases to what makes a great Koi great. Some of this knowledge was gained by painful personal experience by ourselves and friends in the hobby but all of it is freely available for your benefit. This will hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls we ourselves encountered during the early years of our hobby when trial and error was the only way to find the answer to many questions.

We are a fifth generation family business started by Mr. William Douglas in 1905 and the name Douglas Brothers came about when William’s 3 sons, Stanley, Alfred and Frederick began a partnership in about 1940. The business was originally a Market Garden, growing vegetables for wholesale, and we now farm some 156 acres of vegetables and cereals. This side of the business is looked after today by Stan snr, continuing the traditions started by his grandfather.

Over the years we have diversified to include 3 more distinct areas of interest, these being a Farm Shop with retail fruit and vegetables, a Nursery with plants, compost, fertilizers etc. and a Fish and Aquatics department.

Lingeyfine Gardens is our Nursery site including the Farm Shop which sells both our own home grown vegetables, tomatoes etc and produce bought from the Fruit & Veg Market on the Team Valley. On the Nursery we grow & sell bedding plants, geraniums, fuchsia etc and raise young veg. plants for later field planting.

Originally started more than 25 years ago, as Douglas Brothers Koi Sales and now re-named as Shinshiro Koi, the watery side of the business is our most recent diversification specializing in Japanese Koi, ponds, filtration and disease control. We also supply all types of coldwater fish together with associated ponds, foods and dry goods. The Koi side of the business is looked after by Stanley, Richard & Rachel.

For almost 30 years we have been supplying Koi keepers all over the UK with a choice of superb Koi at realistic prices and in first class health. Drawing on these years of experience, we aim to provide a back up service which we hope is second to none, helping to ensure your Koi continue to enjoy that health for many years to come.