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How Prophetic ?

At the beginning of April I wrote.

"Hopefully this is the start of a great, long hot Summer !"

Who knew I had that kind of ability - certainly not me but, just in case, I am making no comment on this Winter. Many of you will know I am addicted to skiing.

As a result of this uncommonly warm spell, our Koi seem to have no end to their appetite and would eat all day long given the opportunity.

If your Koi are the same then please heed this word of caution.

It is very easy to get carried away with feeding your Koi because everyone loves to see them feeding. However, we have had many customers whose filters have been unable to cope with the amount of food going into the pond. This has led to problems with water quality, sometimes with disastrous consequences as fish suffer from high Ammonia and/or Nitrite. Over time, high Nitrites in particular can debilitate fish making them more prone to parasite infestation and diseases.

Please make sure your filters are operating at their best, add a filter boosting bacteria if neccessary, and take care with the amount you are feeding. If you have a persistent foam on your pond, it is almost certainly down more food than your filter can cope with.

If this is the case then do water changes over several days, add a filter boosting bacteria and cut back on your feeding.


Then enjoy !



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Support & Care
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Shinshiro Tropical

Our new Tropical House is now fully operational. Stocked with an ever changing and varied range of great Tropical fish at prices to suit everyone's pocket, it's well worth a visit.
Our range of tanks, filters, food, pumps, treatments etc is ever expanding so, if there is something you would like us to stock, please just ask, we can almost certainly get it.
We will, eventually, also have product available to buy online if I can manage to get the time to do it.