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Shinshiro Koi

Shinshiro Koi

Shinshiro Koi

Shinshiro Koi


It's Cherry Blossom Time in Japan


Has Spring sprung ?

It certainly is giving that impression here in Newcastle with great weather over the Easter weekend but still perhaps a little on the cool side at times. Our Spring shipment have all now completed their quarantine and are for sale in our show ponds. They look fantastic even if I say so myself. You can go directly to the appropriate page to view our ADULT KOI HERE and our BABY KOI HERE. I hope you enjoy browsing through them.

Any of you visiting us in person will immediately notice that I've been busy moving things around again. Partly to accomodate an ever expanding range of products for the new Tropical Fish Section but also to try to make the place a little more attractive to visit. I think it's much better and I hope you agree.

Here's hoping that this first taste of Spring turns into a great Summer for all Koi Keepers.

Featured Products

WeiPro Pond Heaters

Weipro Pond HeatersWeiPro Titanium Pond Heaters are a submersible rod type with a titanium tube making them ideal for quarantine systems or smaller ponds. They are durable and reliable with a highly efficient, compact heating element designed for extended use and complete safety.

Takazumi Vital Food

Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm FoodTakazumi Vital has a low fat and medium protein content, which contains all the necessary nutrition for healthy Koi. The ingredients are a specially developed cocktail to stimulate the immune system of your Koi and build up an excellent defence to infections and parasites making it outstanding for use as a winter feed to help your Koi build up strong resistance.

EA Wheatgerm Food

Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm FoodEvolution Aqua’s Wheatgerm pellets have been specially designed as an all year round food, with added benefits for Koi when temperatures are low. The formulation includes Bio-Mos and Omega 6 & 3 to improve the nutrition and overall health of your Koi.


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