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North East Koi Club Show - News


You may have already heard, but, unfortunately, The North East Koi Club have cancelled their Koi Show due to be held this Weekend @ Kirkley Hall.

The decision to cancel has not been taken lightly and is due to Koi Health concerns completely outside the control of the Club.

Under the circumstances, the Club feel that it would be impossible to have a 100% guarantee on the health of Koi at the showground.


Shinshiro Koi - Show News


Firstly, let me say our Show Will Go On

However, in light of the cancellation of the Koi Club's Show, and given that we concur 100% with their present concerns regarding Koi health, we will be altering the format of our own Show to be held on Sunday 10th August.

Our annual Grow and Show has become more than just a show, it has become a social event and we do not want to dissappoint our Koi keeping fraternity by cancelling it.

Consequently, we will still be hosting our free barbeque and the beautiful Shiro Utsuri supplied by our friend Kobayashi San will still be for sale. The intention will still be to hold a growth/development competition with the Shiro's in 1 year's time .

Having examined all the possibilities and implications for this year, we have taken the decision to postpone the judging of last year's Koi for 1 year.

We did contemplate a photo competition but decided that would be impractical as the fish are scattered all over the country.

Our current idea is to have some kind of mega show next year with judging and prize giving for both the Showa/Sanke from last year and the Shiro Utsuri from this year.

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