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Despite ex hurricane Bertha arriving at just the wrong time, our modified Grow and Show did go ahead in the pouring rain and everyone who braved the weather did seem to have a good time.

As ever, we owe a huge dept of thanks to the North East Koi Club for all their help and assistance. For once in my life I am going to be politically correct and not name names but you know who you are guys, especially the oddfellow who turned up on Monday to help clear up. It wouldn't be the same without you. Many Many Thanks !

One person I must single out and name is "Big Don" our chef for the day. It definately wouldn't be the same without you. No one else could possibly cook up the storm you can. I think we'll try that Sirloin next year.

Unfortunately for us and fortunately for you, because of the atrocious weather and the fact that we clashed with the Scottish National Show, we have Koi left for sale so, if you fancy it, you can still snap one up and take part in the Grow and Show. You probably need to be quick though as it is far from normal for Koi of this standard to be available at this price.

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Shinshiro TropicalOur new Tropical House is now fully operational. Stocked with an ever changing and varied range of great Tropical fish at prices to suit everyone's pocket, it's well worth a visit.
Our range of tanks, filters, food, pumps, treatments etc is ever expanding so, if there is something you would like us to stock, please just ask, we can almost certainly get it.
We will, eventually, also have product available to buy online if I can manage to get the time to do it.