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Since 1979



Changes to the menus on the site

Regulars to the site will realise that the menu bar on the left has dissappeared. All Pond products can now be found by clicking the "Ponds & Coldwater" button above.


Exciting Times Here At Shinshiro

Depending on timing, but expected to be sometime within the next two years, we will be re-locating to new, bigger, better, purpose built facilities in the locality. Can't Wait !


Website Changes

If you notice any links in the new setup which don't work, I would be very grateful if you could let me know. Please e-mail me @ stan@shinshiro-koi.co.uk Many thanks.


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Shinshiro Tropical

Our new Tropical House is now fully operational. Stocked with an ever changing and varied range of great Tropical fish at prices to suit everyone's pocket, it's well worth a visit.
Our range of tanks, filters, food, pumps, treatments etc is ever expanding so, if there is something you would like us to stock, please just ask, we can almost certainly get it.
We will, eventually, also have product available to buy online if I can manage to get the time to do it.